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Re: ITP: mpi-defaults -- Meta-packages depending on appropriate MPI -dev and -bin packages for each platform

Hi again, and sorry for causing accidental posts to
submit@bugs.debian.org -- I don't know how to do X-Debbugs-CC in

On Thu, 2008-11-20 at 12:35 +0100, Ondrej Certik wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 11:14 AM, Manuel Prinz <debian@pinguinkiste.de> wrote:
> > Am Mittwoch, den 19.11.2008, 09:05 -0600 schrieb Dirk Eddelbuettel:
> >> I think we should put either debian or mpi first. How about
> >>
> >>           mpi-default-{dev,bin}
> >>
> >> or even
> >>
> >>           mpi-debian-default-{dev,bin}
> >>
> >> to make it even clearer that it is just 'us' (ie Debian) defining a default
> >> for us, rather misconstruing that more than two decades (I'm guessing) of
> >> competing mpi implementations have ended ? ;-)
> >
> > Good guessing. But I'm confident we can solve that problem in one way or
> > another in a shorter time frame.
> >
> >> Comments ?
> >
> > Well, why not debian-default-mpi-{bin,dev}? ;)
> >
> > Seriously, I do not care that much. A name is a name. If we're lucky,
> > the package might be gone by release of Squeeze.
> I like Dirk's suggestion more:
>          mpi-default-{dev,bin}
> But as you said, a name is just a name.

I like this suggestion, and have just posted the new package for comment
in the alioth debian-science repository:

It uses the PETSc system, which Build-Depends on an arch-dependent MPI
implementation, then rules uses readlink to determine which one is the
default alternative, and sets substvars appropriately, whether openmpi,
lam, or mpich*.  That way, if we want to change the defaults, we just
need to change the Build-Depends in control.  In many other ways it
follows the example of java-common.

Also, I made it GPL 2+, and made the copyright in the model of

Feedback anyone?

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