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Re: building package with different libs

Am Mittwoch, den 19.11.2008, 04:32 -0600 schrieb Steve M. Robbins:
> If I may, I'd like to suggest mpi-defaults go ahead despite
> good intentions that OpenMPI be ready before squeeze.  
> That way, maintainers of MPI-using packages (e.g. me) don't have to
> deal with the mess from today until the day OpenMPI becomes the
> defacto default.  If that day arrives before squeeze: no problem,
> mpi-defaults can just disappear.  

Sure, this is a valid point. Adam, can you please upload the package
then? Is it available for review somewhere?

> In the meanwhile, it serves a need.  To answer Manuel Prinz's
> question: *my* goal is only to build mpi-using packages with some
> default MPI, not with all flavours of MPI. 

If that is the use case, then the package will be all you need to stop
the headaches, true.

Best regards

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