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Re: building package with different libs


On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 07:48:19PM -0400, Adam C Powell IV wrote:
> [Copying -beowulf as there's likely some interest there as well.]
> On Thu, 2008-10-30 at 15:21 +0100, Manuel Prinz wrote:

> > When building against OpenMPI, there are a few choices:
> > 
> >  1. Do not build packages using OpenMPI on the unsupported arches.
> >  2. Build against OpenMPI on the supported ones, fall back to LAM on the
> > unsupported ones.

    [ ... ]

> As for -lam where there's no openmpi, I only know of petsc and babel.

I have subsequently adopted this approach for minc, which uses MPI via
hdf5.  I will likely adopt it for boost, too, unless someone has a
better idea.

While reading this thread, however, I had an idle thought.  Could we
prepare an "mpi-default-dev" or "sensible-mpi-dev" package for us to
build-depend on?  This would be something like the gcc-defaults
package and simply depend on the appropriate -dev pacakges (OpenMPI on
some architectures, LAM on the rest).

The idea is to put the messy details about which architectures support
OpenMPI and which use LAM in one place.


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