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RE: Beowulf vs Linux-HA

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> From: Grok Mogger [mailto:linuximp@gmail.com] 
> Sent: Monday, December 04, 2006 11:03 AM
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> Subject: Beowulf vs Linux-HA
> Hey everyone,
> I have never setup or even seen a Beowulf cluster in action. 
> But just understanding the concept, it seems like a great way 
> to have a highly available and load balancing cluster.  If 
> high availability is the goal, what's better?  A Beowulf 
> cluster or something like Linux-HA?

Beowulf-type systems are not intended fo HA, only load balancing. Neither
one is necessarily better, since they have different use cases.

> Let's say I wanted to have a highly available apache server, 
> and I didn't even really care about load balancing.  That 
> would just be icing.  What would be better?  Something like 
> the Linux-HA project's Heartbeat software, or a Beowulf cluster?

HA might be a periphery benefit, but if that is your primary concern, you're
probably better off with using Linux-HA's tools.

In particular, beowulf generally utilizes a single 'head node,' which
controls the sub nodes. This head node represents a single point of failure.

- Patrick Bogen 

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