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Hello List...

I am doing a cluster without hard disk...and I got a problem with that.

I have a pc as a node 1 (front end ) and 4 node more.
so when I send them the kernel that I do it with make menuconfig and make bzImage the node get from dhcp
the network info after that the kernel and it get a stop.......with this message ...

  mknbi-1-4-3/first32.c (ELF) (GPL)
Top of ramdisk is 0x0FFF0000
Ramdisk at 0x00000000, size 0x00000018
Uncompresing Linux.. Ok booting the kernel

I don know what should I do it .......
I am looking in internet but I don't get the solurion..
someone cal help me please....
many thanks ...
I am from Chile, Sud- America.

if sombody speak spain or germany language, just do it...

take care yourself....

Renè Harb Hoecker

René Harb Hoecker
Electronic engineer
F: 92128869
Valparaíso, Chile.
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