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Re: wake-on-lan with Abit KV-80

> On Mon, Sep 19, 2005 at 03:00:43PM -0400, Jamie Rollins wrote:
> > So far, I have only been able to get WOL working (with standard 'magic packets')
> > from a fully powered off state, ie. the power to the board had been killed by
> > turning off the power supply.  I have NOT been able to get it to work after
> > powering down the board from a "poweroff" or "shutdown" signal.  I've also tried
> > various combinations of the -H/-P/-h options with "shutdown".

I didn't notice the origional message in september.
I have also seen a similar issue with WOL on IBM e326 machines, WOL only
works when the power has been removed and then restored but won't work
after a "shutdown".  WOL isn't too important for us as we use IPMI to the
BMC card in the machine for remote power on, although I would be interested
if anyone has any ideas on this.  The NIC is a Broadcom 5704.

- bobb

Bob B. Crosbie.
Trinity Centre for High Performance Computing,
Room 208, Lloyd Building, Trinity College Dublin.
Tel: +353 1 608 3725                                    http://www.tchpc.tcd.ie

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