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Re: wake-on-lan with Abit KV-80

 In case this is still unsolved...   On my Tyan-based cluster (or, actually
I think this was on a cheapo desktop P4 cluster, so not even AMD64), I
haven't had success with WOL either, but it was the other way around, IIRC.
I think they would wake on lan only if they'd booted and then shut down
(using ACPI to power down).  They wouldn't wake from the initial power on

 On the Tyan S2881, besides the main BIOS setup, the tg3 network hardware
has a separate setup thing where you can config WOL or not, and the timeout
for its config prompt.

 Hope this gives you some ideas.

On Mon, Sep 19, 2005 at 03:00:43PM -0400, Jamie Rollins wrote:
> Hello, all.  I've been having trouble getting wake-on-lan (WOL) working with
> some Abit KV-80 cluster nodes and was wondering if someone on one of these lists
> had any thoughts.  (Maybe useful: sarge 2.6.8-11-amd64-k8).
> So far, I have only been able to get WOL working (with standard 'magic packets')
> from a fully powered off state, ie. the power to the board had been killed by
> turning off the power supply.  I have NOT been able to get it to work after
> powering down the board from a "poweroff" or "shutdown" signal.  I've also tried
> various combinations of the -H/-P/-h options with "shutdown".
> Does anyone have any idea why this might be the case?  I have tried every
> possible permutation of BIOS and hardware settings to no avail.  If WOL works
> from a completely powered off state, I can only assume that there is something
> peculiar about how "poweroff" is "powering down" the machine, ie. it's not fully
> powering down the machine in a way that mimics what happens when the power
> supply is cut.  I guess this isn't a complete surprise.  Can someone fill me in
> on what exactly is the state that the machine ends up in after a "poweroff", and
> why WOL might not work in that state?  Is there a way to coax the machine into a
> powered off state where it WOULD be receptive to a WOL?  Does this have
> something to do with ACPI?  I'm not running acpid.  The last thing the console
> spits out after a poweroff command is "acpi_power_off called", but I'm not
> certain how to interpret that.
> As you can imagine, Abit has not been of any help yet.  Any help at all would be
> much appreciated.
> jamie.
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