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Re: transition RedHat-Debian

mflima@qmc.ufsc.br wrote:
> Well, I want to assembly a beowulf cluster using Debian Sarge Stable, therefore
> I'm used to configure the following network configuration files in Red Hat
> architecture:
> "/etc/hosts.equiv"
> "/etc/exports"
> "/etc/rc.d/init.d"
> and the script "ntsysv"
> how can I find this files (the equivalent ones) in Debian Sarge files
> structures?
> Thank you,
> Marcelo
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I don't know what /etc/hosts.equiv is for.. Maybe /etc/hosts?
/etc/exports is /etc/exports, just remember to install your preferred
NFS server package (either nfs-kernel-server if you have in-kernel
support, or nfs-user-server, as well as 'portmap')
/etc/rc.d/init.d is at /etc/init.d
I don't know what 'ntsysv' is for. What's it do?

- Patrick

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