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Conflict between lam4-dev and mpi-doc


Bug 299198 against mpi-doc, an mpich binary, points out a conflict with
lam4-dev in a man page: /usr/share/man/man3/MPI_Comm_set_name.3.gz .  I
imagine there are lots of other such conflicts.  I don't know whether
the files are the same.

The question is: what's the right thing to do?  Declare a conflict
between the packages, such that someone who builds against lam cannot
install mpi-doc for its documentation?  This is certainly a temporary
workaround which will resolve the bug.  But since they adhere to the
same MPI source standard, I think a better fix would be to have a single
source of documentation for that standard.

Any ideas?  (Is the lam maintainer subscribed to debian-beowulf?)


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