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Re: Huge AMD Opteron cluster installed with FAI and Debian amd64

Greetings!  Thanks for the PBS tip!

Take care,

"Matthias H. Hennig" <hennig@cn.stir.ac.uk> writes:

> Hi!
> > > Btw. a nice way to increase the size of your cluster is simply to ask
> > > the technicians for old hardware (which means everything >600MHz) that
> > > is no longer used. Usually, these computers are from student labs and
> > > would otherwise go to charity (which is of course fine as well...).
> > > 
> > 
> > Am particularly interested how you make use of a non-uniform cluster.
> > Most of the applications (MPI) we've developed will run as fast as the
> > slowest node.
> We're using PBS (tried both OpenPBS and PBSpro) - there the node
> attributes are useful to define different groups of nodes (we're
> basically using slow/fast and low/high memory). I'm usually using the
> queuing mode, here of course every additional node is fine. But for
> applications using MPI it usually came down to arrangements with
> colleagues as to who gets which set of nodes anyway. Therefore our
> approach always was to include whatever we got...
> Matthias
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