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Re: Pvm and ssh

On Fri, Oct 15, 2004 at 11:23:55AM +0200, Fernando wrote:
> Hi all!. I'm making a cluster with two PC's. I use debian in this
> machines. I install PVM and ssh. With ssh i can connect with the other
> machine, there isn't some problem, connect perfect with login and
> password.
> Now i want use pvm, i run pvm in the 2 pcs. They ask me a Password:, if
> i in the root's password or other user's password, pvm says:
> Termination.
> Some one can help me????

 Use ssh-keygen to set up passwordless ssh.
 Or, if the cluster will be on its own private network, you could install
rsh-server and rsh-client on the machines.  Make sure to put ALL: ALL in
/etc/hosts.deny, and then put  ALL: localhost 10.  in /etc/hosts.allow (if
your secure network is  Then put, and both cluster
IPs, in /etc/hosts.equiv.  (This won't work for root: you need /root/.rhosts

 Be aware that anyone with physical access to the ethernet between the two
machines can _trivially_ get into both machines if you use rsh.

> Thank you!.
> P.D. Sorry if i dont write well in english, but i'm spanish... i wait
> that you understand me.

 No problem.  BTW, I think you meant "hope" instead of "wait"...

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