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Re: DFSG-free queueing systems?

Oh well, nice to find you there ;-)

I'm having an internship in EDF/R&D[1] about packaging clustering
stuff - the goal is to bring OSCAR[2] on Debian.

mlang@lexx.delysid.org writes:


> So far, we have been using OpenPBS (preinstalled) as
> a queueing system.  Since PBS went commercial recently, we'd prefer
> to use a free (as in source code modifyable/redistributable) queueing
> system for the new setup.

OSCAR provides openpbs-2.3.16 - that may not be DFSG-compliant but
shouldn't be too far from it.  We've applied a set of patches coming
from OSCAR and from here (EDF): about 20 patches or so.  The package is
currently up and running on a 16 nodes XEON bi-pro cluster - and it
runs fine; lintian mostly reports a warning about images not put in
independent dirs and a TK GUI sh-bang not known (in openpbs-x11)

> We've also had certain problems with PBS which we hope to eliminate
> with a new queueing system (a mix of parallel and sequencial jobs
> isn't scheduled very well.)

I guess you use the featured scheduler (openpbs's) which is told not
to work fine here.  We use maui-3.2.6p9 scheduler instead, which seams
to work better (again, according to local experts).  Once more, I
didn't take time to read licenses to diagnose DFSG compliance or not,
but package dedicated to openpbs is up and running


> Meanwhile, I've been trying to package SGE myself but I didn't make
> much progress either.  Beating SGE into the FHS is
> quite a tiresome task.  You can have a look at my latest
> packaging attempt in my tla archive at:
> mlang@debian.org--gluck--2004 http://gluck.debian.org/~mlang/gluck--2004

I'll take a look - I know maui works with SGE too; but those
maintaining maui rather recommend torque, which is a maintained fork
of a previous branch of openpbs (2.3.12).

I think my work on packaging openpbs-2.3.16 could be a good basis
to update to torque (building chain has still to be patched a little
to be usable with current Debian's chain): in fact it's in my TODO


> What are other Debian using cluster administrators using for
> a queueing system?  Is anyone interested in a colaboration
> to finally get some DFSG-free queueing system packaged for Debian?

well, I'll be interested working on torque with you - but please,
would you take a look at its license first, to figure out about DFSG

I'll give you an URL from there to download my openpbs package

any other help appreciated :-)

ps: I think you could join us on oscar-devel@l.s.n, as discussions on
adapting it to Debian is in the pipe now; there's also a tiki[3].

[1] http://retd.edf.fr
[2] http://oscar.sourceforge.net
[3] http://oscar.openclustergroup.org/tiki-index.php?page=OSCAROnDebian
Boris Daix

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