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DFSG-free queueing systems?


We are currently considering to reinstall our 55 node dual XEON cluster
with Debian (instead of the currently used RedHat 7.3).

So far, we have been using OpenPBS (preinstalled) as
a queueing system.  Since PBS went commercial recently, we'd prefer
to use a free (as in source code modifyable/redistributable) queueing
system for the new setup.  We've also had certain problems
with PBS which we hope to eliminate with a new queueing system
(a mix of parallel and sequencial jobs isn't scheduled very well.)

Is anyone actively working on packaging GridEngine
or some equivalent product for Debian?

There is a ITP (#150124) for SGE which has been inactive since about
one year now.  The priliniary packages linked in that bug report
do not really work for me.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to package SGE myself but I didn't make
much progress either.  Beating SGE into the FHS is
quite a tiresome task.  You can have a look at my latest
packaging attempt in my tla archive at:
mlang@debian.org--gluck--2004 http://gluck.debian.org/~mlang/gluck--2004

Be aware though, that I do not claim that they are fully working.
Around June/July this year, I actually had sge packages which
installed properly, but I had difficulties getting the
job permission system working correctly. A certain lack of correct
documentation didn't make this easier.

What are other Debian using cluster administrators using for
a queueing system?  Is anyone interested in a colaboration
to finally get some DFSG-free queueing system packaged for Debian?


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