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Re: mpich problems

In article <200401211037.17368.jaschmidt@uofu.net>, John Schmidt wrote:
> Since upgrading to mpich, our big mpi based application has stopped 
> working.  I get this error:
> mpirun -np 2 sus -mpm inputs/MPM/disks2mat4patch.ups
> xm_2407:  p4_error: Command-line arguments are missing: 0
> /usr/bin/mpirun: line 1:  2407 Segmentation 
> fault      /home/jas/SCIRun/NewBC/debug/Packages/Uintah/StandAlone/sus "-mpm" 
> "inputs/MPM/disks2mat4patch.ups" 
> -p4pg /home/jas/SCIRun/NewBC/debug/Packages/Uintah/StandAlone/PI2327 
> -p4wd /home/jas/SCIRun/NewBC/debug/Packages/Uintah/StandAlone
> To confirm that mpi is working, I compiled the mpich examples found in the 
> documentation and ran them for various number of processors and all worked 
> fine using mpich
> On a different machine, I am running mpich 1.2.5-6, and the above command 
> (mpirun -np 2 sus -mpm inputs/MPM/disks2mat4patch.ups) works without any 
> problems. 

Did you recompile your application? Maybe it has different command line 
parameters passed to the executable that the mpi implementation picks up on. 

mpirun is just a script wrapper - try setting it to verbose (set -x) and see 
what it actually executes. 
I assume it will execute another script wrapper mpirun.ch_p4 which again you 
could follow with 'set -x'. Then see if you can make sure it does not place 
any parameters on your executable that it does not like...

No idea what the -O stands for.

Even better, try this on both systems to see the difference:

$ mpirun /bin/echo

In my case the output was '-p4pg /home/mwill/PI11082 -p4wd /home/mwill'
for an older Scyld-6 beowulf cluster:


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