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Re: NFS root and initrd


> I'm having trouble setting up an initrd for NFS root in a diskless
> cluster.

Why bother? Just build in everything that you need immediately at boot.
It's what I've always done for the diskless systems. You have to waste
more memory mounting a local shmfs to unpack the root fs and install the
modules. It's a hassle with no reward? Unless you have some good
reason... ?

> And then, of course, it can't do the NFS mount, let alone the
> pivot_root.  I know net-pf-9 is appletalk, but that module is in the
> initrd, and is not mentioned as relating to the net driver in
> modules.dep.

It's the kernel probing for things... e.g. Autload modules.

> We also have an ext2 initrd which works for a different cluster, and
> when I substitute the new cluster's net driver module (and other
> parameters), I get similar errors.  What's annoying is that the keyboard
> is inactive, so I can't get a shell, and can't page-up to see all of
> what happened...
> Any ideas?

Build a static kernel image without modules to verify it works.
Describe why an initrd is good for you?

Usually embedded people like initrd's because you can reclaim module
memory that is only required to *boot* the system, and no longer
required for normal operation.


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