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Re: OSCAR and debian

> 2) image building :
>     This is certainly the hardest part.
>     - system installation suite (sisuite.org) is doing all the hard job
>       to build a complete system from a rpm list. I think that FAI is
>       already doing this ?

systemimager and systemconfigurator are in debian/stable and debian/unstable.
the upstream systemimager developers develop on debian.

>     - image customization : this done automatically (when installing an
>       image) and it will certainly require some work for the network
>       interface part that is very different from distro to distro.

> SystemImager is already available as a deb from www.systemimager.org,
> as well as being part of OSCAR.  

those debs are only for stable users wanting the latest systemimager.

> So imaging might work correctly even
> though some of the OSCAR bits originally came from rpms rather than
> debs.

systemimager-type imaging doesn't care about package format.

systeminstaller, which provides an alternate mechanism for creating 
systemimager-style images, needs debian support added.  i have debs for it, but
upstream doesn't want it in debian until it can create debian images (although 
it can create rpm based images on debian just fine).

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