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Re: OSCAR and debian

On Wed, 1 Jan 2003, Joe Greenseid wrote:

> someone should talk to the oscar folks about this, especially the SIS
> folks.  from what i hear, SIS debian support is basically done, though i
> do not know if it has been checked into mainline yet.  mike
> chase-salerno would be the guy who would know the best, i think.  i'd
> think once SIS support was there, the rest of oscar would not be hard to
> follow...

Not to worry -- we're very aware of this.  Mike Chase-Salerno is actually
in the OSCAR working group (so is Ben, the guy who started this thread
:-).  We've been talking about all the new SIS stuff for a little while
now (including the debain support); I think Mike went on holiday before he
had a chance to commit the new SIS stuff into the OSCAR tree.  IIRC it was
only formally released a few days before Christmas...?

There are still a lot of other things in OSCAR that need to happen before
we can properly support Debian (OSCAR is [currently] heavily dependant
upon RPMs), but hearing about alien could turn out to be quite helpful.

{+} Jeff Squyres
{+} jsquyres@osl.iu.edu
{+} Research Associate, Open Systems Lab, Indiana University
{+} http://www.osl.iu.edu/

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