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Re: MPI vs PVM

>     junichi> We have two competing implementations of MPI (mpich and lam)
>     junichi> and they are both still alive, and scalability issues are
>     junichi> being worked on.
> Re: MPICH, sometime I'm going to have to file a bug so that it doesn't
> require rsh style services, but will let one use ssh...  

You can already use ssh with MPICH.

>     junichi> At supercomputing conferences, my impression is that PVM is no
>     junichi> longer actively developed, and MPI is trying to replace it.
> and has been trying for years...
> Speaking of replacements, has anyone looked into packaging any of the
> public compute grid infrastructure toolkits for debian, i.e. Globus or
> made an attempt at HARNESS, or similar (I can't recall if Legion
> distributed source; I'm sure there are others I'm not aware of; this
> isn't my primary research area).

There already is globus package for Debian done by several people,


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