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Re: MPI vs PVM

>>>>> "vince" == Vince Mulhollon <vlm@norlight.com> writes:

    vince> Kind of like asking what is the best beer, they all work, but individuals
    vince> have strong preferences about them...

    vince> The "correct" answer is find the open source project that is the most
    vince> similar to your task, and use whatever it uses.

This is honestly the truth...

(in our application, which is a higher-level application for
an easily useable/buildable system interactively building parallel
computations for statistical analysis, we've managed to find counter
examples to most of the conventional wisdoms regarding MPI (LAM-MPI
implementation, we hope to add MPICH as well) and PVM.  There's a
socket interface as well that we've got as a back end).

(We use R (www.r-project.org) as the workhorse in front of ones choice
of message passing library...).


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