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Re: MPI vs PVM

On 01/09/2003 03:25:54 PM "Rodrigo F. Baroni" wrote:

>>     I have to do a choice between MPI or PVM to use to
>> develop image processing aplications .
>>     After to do this choice and start to study a lot,
>> could someone tell me some sugestion ?  This would be
>> very useful ..

Google PVM vs MPI results in 6630 results

There are advantages to each, and most people disagree with each other...

You can hedge your bets by developing for PVM, if it doesn't work out, it's
easier to go PVM -> MPI than it is to go MPI -> PVM, although for your
particular application that may be wrong.

Kind of like asking what is the best beer, they all work, but individuals
have strong preferences about them...

The "correct" answer is find the open source project that is the most
similar to your task, and use whatever it uses.

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