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Re: date synchronization

> I didn't have any problems with unsychronized dates but I'm not sure if
> such things like files created in future etc. couldn't be source of some
> nasty bugs. I'm not sure whether running ntp server on master and ntp
> synchronization on nodes is appropriate solution (maybe it is too heavy
> weight), other possibility is installing rdate and adding simple
> start-up and cron scripts. However I don't want to reinvent the wheel
> and I would like to hear how other people solve this problem.

I occasionally look at the machines and manually do
date --set   with dsh. That way you know when you are 
using the network bandwidth for setting up your clock :)

With clock skews sometimes you will have problems with 
compiling programs with make, and debugging problems 
(try asking a question: when did that happen? and it would be 
difficult with a wrong clock).


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