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Re: diskless cluster

> It has been my experience that you can always get discontinued cards
> (mostly pulls) from the "Not Exactly" section on Pricewatch... considering
> that they are about half-price... you can tolerate the occasional PCI shunt.

The 3C905C is discontinued, the 3C905CX is not. They're the same price.

> But Realtek-based cards are still cheaper new. And like almost everything
> in the Beowulf business, more of cheaper trumps fewer of better. I am
> etherbooting off of my Realteks (onboard the ECS K7SEM).

Well, up to a point. You got to benchmark things carefully in order to
know whether to go one way or the other.

> Do you have a PXE Boot Agent (or equivalent) in your BIOS?

The 3C905CX comes with a 3COM boot agent, which we exchange for Etherboot.
We do not use anything in the bios of the motherboard, just the Etherboot
image in the boot prom of the card.

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