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Re: rsh as root

> I am playing with small cluster, the number of nodes is increasing
> however and I just started to solve task of logging automatically to
> each node (or selected list) to reboot or shutdown machine. To do this
> in script I need to use rsh as root without password, but I haven't
> figured out how to do it in Debian the right way. /etc/hosts.equiv
> doesn't help and I suspect it is disabled by pam configuration because
> it is of course huge security hole in normal settings.

For root it is /root/.rhosts and not /etc/hosts.equiv.

> Could you please tell me "your way" of rebooting via script or give me
> some hints how to configure pam (it is in /etc/pam.d/rsh is suppose but
> I'm newbie to pam)?

We can use both rsh and ssh, for this one files are in /root/.ssh/. We use
home-grown scripts. We do automated upgrades and package installations
over all nodes from within the server, using chroot. The nodes don't have
to be up and running. In fact, they don't even need to exist physically!


        Jorge L. deLyra,  Associate Professor of Physics
            The University of Sao Paulo,  IFUSP-DFMA
       For more information: finger delyra@latt.if.usp.br

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