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Re: rsh as root

You could try the C3 tools, written by the nice folks at Oak Ridge
National Lab (http://www.csm.ornl.gov/torc/C3/).  I have used these
before, as they come with the OSCAR cluster software, and they're very

Or or perhaps you could simply rely on ssh keys and homegrown scripts.  I
haven't used rsh on any of my clusters, I/we use ssh, so we do things thru
ssh keys.

Joe Greenseid

jgreen@thunderlizards.net  |  http://lcic.org
jgreen@ncsa.uiuc.edu       |  http://www.ncsa.uiuc.edu/~jgreen

On Fri, 1 Nov 2002, Pavel Jurus wrote:

> I am playing with small cluster, the number of nodes is increasing however 
> and I just started to solve task of logging automatically to each node (or
> selected list) to reboot or shutdown machine. To do this in script I need 
> to use rsh as root without password, but I haven't figured out how to do
> it in Debian the right way. /etc/hosts.equiv doesn't help and I suspect
> it is disabled by pam configuration because it is of course huge security 
> hole in normal settings.
> Could you please tell me "your way" of rebooting via script or give me some
> hints how to configure pam (it is in /etc/pam.d/rsh is suppose but I'm
> newbie to pam)?
> Pavel Jurus

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