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Re: PVM not starting on Alpha

I'm having a slight problem getting pvm to start on an
Alpha. This is what the situation looks like:

I have 2 Alpha's that I'm testing pvm on. PVM was
installed from the publically available deb pkg, and
both boxes are identical in configuration, aside from
the obvious differences (i.e.: host name, etc). On the
first box (call it A), pvm (/usr/bin/pvm) starts
without a problem, allowing me to potentially
configure the host pool, etc. However, on the second
box (call it B), pvm has trouble starting. The "pvm>"
prompt never appears, and it seems to hang there
indefinately. So far, I've reinstalled the deb package
to make sure this wasn't some  local problem with the
binaries, and glanced at the configuration, but
everything seems to be in working order. B's inability
to start pvm seems to be causing A to have trouble
adding B to its host pool ("add 'B'"). After entering
the password for the respective user, pvm proceeds to
print "Terminated" to stdout as if I had manually
issued "halt".

If anyone has had similar problem, or knows a solution
to his particular problem, it would be very much


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