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Re: nfs-root booting works for 2.2.* client, but not 2.4.19

> I now crash right here. The last good lines are
>   VFS: Mounted root (nfs filesystem)
>   Freeing unused kernel memory: 76k freed
>   Undable to handle kernel paging request at vritual address 14d58d54
>     printing eip:
>   [ gooblehoo ... ]
> Ans you're right -- that is exactly where 2.2.2* pass control to init. The
> next line is 'Activating swap'.  It starts to smell like a memory issue.

Yes, this is where diskless nodes with bad memory crash more often. Since
2.2 and 2.4 probably use memory in different ways, it might be that you
are just lucky to get through with 2.2. I guess a standalone memtest run
is in order. You can run it from floppy and it is a sure-fire thing...


        Jorge L. deLyra,  Associate Professor of Physics
            The University of Sao Paulo,  IFUSP-DFMA
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