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Re: nfs-root booting works for 2.2.* client, but not 2.4.19

On Sat, Sep 21, 2002 at 02:32:10PM -0300, Jorge L. deLyra wrote:
> > I going nuts here.  In June, I set up a scheme to have an old PC boot from a
> > local image (floppy and/or hd) and run of a nfs-root partition on my
> > server. Works very well with 2.2.20, and I replicated it with 2.2.21.
> >
> > But for the life of me, I cannot get it to work with 2.4.19. Neither the
> > stock kernel (from the sources .dep) nor with the open-mosix patch. I tried
> > numerous config option, and all I get, invariably, is a kernel panic relating
> > to init right after the local hd* devices are found.  At this point 2.2.*
> > seems to find and use the eth0 device and the remote partitions.
> >
> > Any suggestions welcome. Please CC me as I'm not subscribed on -user or
> > -beowulf.
> How about posting in detail the kernel messages just before the crash?

Sure, I was just being lazy as I would have to type those manually, and it
is a screen full of them. Also, the server end does work (as 2.2.20 and
2.2.21 run just fine off it) and I am fairly certain that my problem is with
the 2.4.19 configuration.

> What are the contents of that nfs-root (which distribuition)? Since you

Debian testing, installing using debootstrap, and recently updated using a
simple chroot call to start a session on the server, then the usual apt-get

The nfs-root partition is down to 70-ish packages which is nice. All is does
is to the query a remote xdm (well, kdm) session on the server. So the
nfs-root partition acts as the hd for the 'thin client' pc which uses it to
bootstrap itself to be a remote x11 terminal.  That all works, and I would
like it to be an openmosix client too. Hence the need for 2.4.19.

> get to the init message, I presume it is mounted OK by the kernel? What is
> the set of boot line parameters you use for that floopy kernel?

Same for both 2.2.20/2.2.21 (which works) and 2.4.19 (which fails). I
currently use loadlin, and it passes the set of network boot parameters.

> Are you using DHCP to configure the network? Can you diff the kernel

No, static assignment as I have only one thin client so far...

> configuration files for 2.2.20 and 2.4.19 to check the differences? One

I avoided that so far as many other things have changed between the kernels.
But I guess I need to go there, given that I have the working setup...

> funny thing I remember is that in the 2.4 kernels you must turn on the
> dhcp option in the kernel-level autoconfiguration section even you are not
> actually going to use it...

Yes, I activate the lot:


Thanks,  Dirk

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