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Re: nfs-root booting works for 2.2.* client, but not 2.4.19

> I going nuts here.  In June, I set up a scheme to have an old PC boot from a
> local image (floppy and/or hd) and run of a nfs-root partition on my
> server. Works very well with 2.2.20, and I replicated it with 2.2.21.
> But for the life of me, I cannot get it to work with 2.4.19. Neither the
> stock kernel (from the sources .dep) nor with the open-mosix patch. I tried
> numerous config option, and all I get, invariably, is a kernel panic relating
> to init right after the local hd* devices are found.  At this point 2.2.*
> seems to find and use the eth0 device and the remote partitions.
> Any suggestions welcome. Please CC me as I'm not subscribed on -user or
> -beowulf.

How about posting in detail the kernel messages just before the crash?
What are the contents of that nfs-root (which distribuition)? Since you
get to the init message, I presume it is mounted OK by the kernel? What is
the set of boot line parameters you use for that floopy kernel?

Are you using DHCP to configure the network? Can you diff the kernel
configuration files for 2.2.20 and 2.4.19 to check the differences? One
funny thing I remember is that in the 2.4 kernels you must turn on the
dhcp option in the kernel-level autoconfiguration section even you are not
actually going to use it...

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