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Re: ssh-vs-rsh benchmark result

On 08/30/2002 08:46:46 AM Adam C Powell IV wrote:
>> But more importantly for us Beowulf users, who might run a job for days
>> and not care about a few seconds of startup time, I have been under the

True, when you're in the groove and computing away on large jobs, startup
time doesn't matter.
I think the point is day to day human-usability for sysadmin work.
Why wait 23 seconds to do "apt-get -qudy dist-upgrade" when you could do it
in 1 second instead.
Or when building mgmt says "sorry, power's going out in 1 min" you want to
run shutdown everything as fast as possible.
There are plenty of other good short sysadmin-like tasks that may have to
be run on all hosts.
If I had to wait 23 seconds each time I ran "ps" or "uptime" I'd be

If you trust the physical network the cluster connects to, and control
everything connected to it, there's nothing gained by encryption.
Stick the whole cluster behind a firewall instead.

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