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Re: Automated cluster installs...


I've used the replicator package for installing and synchronizing my
homogeneous Athlon cluster, and I'm very pleased with ease of use and

It's meant to be able to handle heterogeneous systems as well but I
can't vouch for it there.

from `apt-cache show replicator`

Description: automate new computer installations in a networked site.
 Using a nfs-root filesystem and rsync, replicator allow
 you to non-interactively install a target computer
 identical to the model computer. It can handle differences
 in partitioning and hardware.
 Designed for clusters, classrooms and wherever you need
 identical Debian boxes.
 It's REALLY faster than normal Debian installation method.

I can't stress enough Howmuch faster the install is, from power up to
operational system in 10-15min has been my experience (and these
systems are kind of slow booting...)


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