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On Sun, 7 Jul 2002, Benjamin Krueger wrote:
> * promo_WBDL@37.com (promo_WBDL@37.com) [020707 02:09]:
> >
> > CONGRATULATIONS! It is our pleasure to inform you, this day 7th july
> > 2002, that you have emerged one out of fifteen winners of the WERKEN
> > BIJ DE LOTTO/ INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS, category C. Therefore you have
> > been approved a lump pay sum pay of US$1,500,000.00 credited to file
> > with reference number REF: WBL/67-AO91657984.
> Looks like the GNU/Debian project can finally afford a few more full time
> programmers and release folks, eh?

Heh.  I was calculating how many Myrinet cards I could buy with a
million bucks.  ;)

On a more serious note, SpamAssassin doesn't seem to be doing such a
great job.  Not that I know how to catch stuff like that.  Filtering on
large sums of money would catch a lot of these scams, but beowulfs tend
to cost large sums of money too....

Damian Menscher
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-=#| 1429 DCL, Workstation Services Group, CITES Ofc:(217)244-3862 |#=-
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