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Re: Getting Started

On Fri, Mar 15, 2002 at 03:56:59PM -0500, Robert Tompkins wrote:
> As far as gige vs. fast ethernet a more important consideration is
> physical cabling. Considering that it would take 6 channel bonded ethernet
> cards to get the same speed as 1 gige card.
> $80 for 2 gige cards + $2 cable=$82
> $96 for 12 100Mb cards + $12 for6 cable= $108
> so the 6 card channel bonded connection is more expensive and is 6x the
> cabling mess at the same speed. 

Not to mention which... where are you going to find
6 free PCI slots? Or if you are going for dual
or quad NIC they are pricier than normal NIC's.

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