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Re: Getting Started

>I think that the Realtek cards are quite bad, though inexpensive. Is there
>any evidence that it is better price/performance wise to use these as
>opposed to one of the really good cards like 3COM 3C905, Digital DE500 or
>its many Tulip clones, or Intel EtherExpressPro?

Well, the drivers have been rewritten a couple of times for the rtl8139...
Dietz and Itti rewrote them for their particular needs... I use the 8139too
that comes with Debian...

>What about this ability the kernel has to deal with several PCI cards on
>the _same_ interrupt line? I suppose that several PCI network cards on a
>single interrupt line and a bonding driver should work more or less like a
>single faster card?

Let me see if I can dig up the thread that discussed this... I understand
that you can't share an interrupt with CB... it was near here...


but had a different subject...

>Well, for those out there using K7's and having trouble, overheating isn't
>the only problem, watch the voltages of your power supplies too. Recently
>we had two of ours drop the CPU core voltage by 10% (from 3.3V to 3.0V),
>which caused hardware hangs after a period of operation ranging from a few
>minutes to a few hours.

Really? Because that sounds like it is well within the published tolerances...

>Well, there is a group in the University Computer Center here which is
>going to try a 30-node machine with Gbit and the bypass of the kernel TCP
>stack. Their idea is to have two network cards on each node, a 100 Mbps
>one for normal TCP networking and a Gbit one for inter-node communication.
>Remote boot it to be done using the 100 Mbps cards, since there still
>aren't any Etherboot drivers for Gbit. They have chosen Gbit as opposed to
>Myrinet, I'm told. I know several people on the team and, if this really
>works out, I will let the list know...

This sounds like the way Rob likes to do things. 2 separate nets. I
disagree with him on the cabling nightmares since I think it is tolerable
considering that you only have to do it once (theoretically) and then you
can hide it away from the disapproving eyes of Deans and Fire Marshals by
piling something even more ghastly on top of it... like cardboard or PC

but I really would like just one network in a perfect world...  Is that too
much to ask? Santa, are you subscribed? Maybe we won't ever see this in a
public standard but I don't know why high bandwidth and low latency seem to
be mutually exclusive; the GigE latencies are worse then FE are they not?

(once again, I have only heard rumors, nothing more)

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