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Re: debconf and cluster management

>> Matthew Palmer <mjp16@ieee.uow.edu.au> writes:

 > > Did anybody there already tried it ? is it as cool as it seems ?
 > Thanks for pointing this out, I hadn't noticed it (this is the sort
 > of thing DWN should be mentioning!) but it does seem to be uber-cool.

 Debconf was designed[*] from the beginning to support this.  AFAIK, at
 the moment there's no "remote" back-end yet.  What you'd need is a
 server that can spit out debconf information and the matching client.
 One possibility is to use a SQL back-end.  Joey Hess started to write
 such a thing, AFAIR, but I don't know how far that is.

 > All that would be needed extra is a way to get all possible questions
 > from a list of packages and answer them without doing anything to the
 > running system.  I guess fiddling with debconf.conf and apt-get would
 > probably solve it, or something in apt-utils...

 That'd be the non-interactive front-end.

 The basic idea is that you configure a machine using the interactive
 front-end, store the configuration on a remote location and then
 configure the rest of the machines using the non-interactive front-end.
 Then you get spammed with tons of mails telling you how hundreds of
 machines where configured the same way :-)

 [*] Ok, ok, that configuration management thing, but the one practical
     implementation of that is debconf.  For the specification, take a
     look at /usr/share/doc/debian-policy/debconf_specification.txt.gz

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