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Re: debconf and cluster management

On Wed, 13 Feb 2002, Martin Quinson wrote:

> I just discovered debconf.conf(5), which states that it's possible to stack
> debconf databases, and have remote databases. It seems really great to
> manage a cluster, with all machines getting their configuration from the
> master machine database...
> Did anybody there already tried it ? is it as cool as it seems ?

Thanks for pointing this out, I hadn't noticed it (this is the sort of thing
DWN should be mentioning!) but it does seem to be uber-cool.  If all Debian
packages got around to using Debconf for all their config, this would be the
absolute bestest thing possible.

All that would be needed extra is a way to get all possible questions from a
list of packages and answer them without doing anything to the running
system.  I guess fiddling with debconf.conf and apt-get would probably solve
it, or something in apt-utils...

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Matthew Palmer

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