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PVM on debian-mips

I'm building a Beowulf cluster using some retired Indy's and have had very
good success getting debian-mips going. But now that I'm trying to get the
cluster going, I'm having some trouble with the PVM console. Whenever I try
to use the add command to construct the virtual machine,
PVM will start the pvmd on the remote machine, but then just terminate. I've
debugged it with gdb and notice that it is getting a SIGTERM when using the
select() function in libc.so.6. I've upgrade to the latest libc6 and pvm and
no joy. Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution or have pvm
running on debian-mips on Indy's? Thanks.


P.S. Please cc: me on replies as my subscribed account's SMTP server is
currently down. Thank you.

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