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ITP: arpack++ -- object-oriented version of the ARPACK package.

Package: wnpp
Version: 2.1
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : arpack++
*  Upstream Authors : Danny Sorensen, F.M Gomez
* URL             : http://www.ime.unicamp.br/~chico/arpack++/
* License         : public domain
*  Description     : 
ARPACK++ is an object-oriented version of the ARPACK package. 
ARPACK is a well known collection of FORTRAN subroutines designed 
to compute a few eigenvalues and eigenvectors of large scale sparse matrices and pencils. 
It implements a variant of the Arnoldi process for finding eigenvalues called Implicit restarted 
Arnoldi method (IRAM) and is capable of solving a great variety of problems from single precision
 positive definite symmetric problems to double precision complex non-Hermitian generalized problems

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