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Re: OpenGL and clusters?

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On Tuesday 04 December 2001 17:43, Jonathan D. Proulx wrote:
> Hi,
> right off the bat let me say I don't grok GL...
> But I have a number of users developing interactive visualization apps
> that are heavy on GL, mostly medical imaging stuff.
> Anyone have experience or pointers on using a cluster with this type
> of app?

You have to write a parallel version of your visualization code to get 

You would use a beowulf only to get speedup and (some) scalability for a 
visualization application.

> Seems like a big looser in my current config.  WireGL and Chromium
> look interesting but almost exclusively targeted at tiled displays
> with some memory leaky code geared toward distributed rendering to a
> single display.

There shouldn't be an out-of-the-box solution to turn serial OpenGL vis. code 
to parallel visualization code.

You don't get performance unless you do every step of your processing in 
parallel. Means parallelizing one step (and probably in a rough way as 
suggested by a "tiled display") won't help.

> Is what I want possible or is OpenGL inherently limmited by the
> capabilities of the machine the display is connected to?

No hardware accel == no performance for OpenGL.

Typically you don't put gfx h/w on a beowulf node. But if you do, you can 
take advantage of that with a parallel algorithm.


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