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Re: Building MPE for LAM.

Hi Junichi, hi all!

> > 3) Have you used mpe?  Is it useful?
> It's fun.
> But most of the *shot applications don't seem to build (I can't get it
> to work).

Which of the applications? Do they explicitely complain about something
during compile or is it that they just don't work? For our cluster we have
jumpshot up and running, I remember that we had to change the Makefile
and/or configure scripts to make it work. Some time soon we'll upgrade
from 1.2.1 to, than I can give a brief report on it.

But, while we are at it: there are two questions that I have with regard
to the mpich package 1.2.1-14 (major reason why we use our own):

1. As already mentioned in bug #31779 (severity wish-list) mpich package
lacks support of shared libs (though available).

2. At our site, we have different MPICH devices compiled and thus binaries
and libraries residing in lib/mpich/<device>/{lib,bin} where <device> is
standard ch_p4 or one of ch_p4mpd, ch_p4smp and ch_shmem. mpich package as
of now uses only ch_p4 afaik.

As I see from TODO.Debian, Junichi has already started work on some of
these things. Especially the testing part of different devices could
easily be done by members of this mailing list if some versions of the new
packages were made available early (ch_p4smp and ch_p4mpd work already
quite well for us).

I would very much like to use a feasible debian package instead, so maybe
we can help you out to get it going further?

Kind regards,

ruehmkorf at informatik dot uni hyphen koeln dot de

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