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Re: mosix package

> First, let me say how cool it is that you're doing this!

> If you want to change priority, instead of
>  update-rc.d mosix defaults
> use
>  update-rc.d mosix defaults 90
> To still just use dh_installinit, give it a flag at the end like
>  dh_installinit -- defaults 90
> and it should add the "90" where it belongs.  (I think.)

I tried that, but it doesn't work. It gives an error about wrong parameters
during installing the deb.
> Doesn't the MOSIX stuff include a hacked version of "ps" that needs to
> be installed, and of "top" too, and maybe some other stuff?  I vaguely
> recall...  I think you could just put them in the package with an
> "override: procps" dependency to prevent dpkg from getting upset.  And
> maybe also a "depends: procps (= 1:2.0.7-4)", if you think version
> skew on that might prevent appropriate security updates or such.

Hmm, I haven't got the contrib files yet. I think it would be a good idea
to call these as mosix_top and mosix_ps or something. That way, they wouldn't
interfere with the normal ps and top.
> Or maybe it would be better to put them in a separate package, like
> mosix-bins or something like that.
> I guess that applied in general.  Maybe the package should be fragmented:
>  mosix-dev (for .h files, .a files, symbolic link for .so files)
>  mosix-bin (all ...bin/xxx programs, their shared libs, configuration stuff)
>  mosix-kernel-patch (just the actual patches)

Thats right. I have now made mosix, mosix-dev, and mosix-kernel-patches.
Mosix include files by default install into /usr/include. I just used an
mkdir and mv in the rules to move it to /usr/include/mosix. Is there a better
way to do this ? From the user's perspective, it looks fine though.

Also, the patch is in 2 parts. The standard kernel patch is easy to handle.
However, the other is a tar file which just has to be untarred and used. I
don't know how to do that with dh_installkpatches.

> As a dream, it would be nice to use debconf to set parameters:
>  accept foreign processes?
>  automatically migrate processes to other hosts?
>  <filesystem related configuration>
> Not sure if
>  List all hosts in cluster, one per line, followed by blank line:
> would be appropriate.

That I can try later, once the core packages are done. :-)

Again, I am uploading the new packages to



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