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Re: Scyld

Eray Ozkural (erayo@cs.bilkent.edu.tr) said:

> Hi Rob and all,
> Exactly what is contained in Scyld. I know bproc and know that is available,
> but I couldn't find the downloads as Rob suggested.

heh.  perhaps i was a tad generous:  here's README in the (not exactly
obvious) location of 

( if anyone gets the reference to 27BZ-6 and 27BZ-7, please let me
know: it's been driving me nuts since october... )

in that directory are all the RPMS and corresponding SRPMS that make
Scyld'd release different from RedHat 6.2.  i'm afraid you won't find
recent .tar.gz's anywhere on the public ftp site, but it's easy enough
to suck .tar.gz's out of .rpm's.  

> Checked their homepage but I couldn't see anything related to
> downloading.  Where can I download the latest release?

don becker believes bandwith is pricey ( and i guess it is, if you
look at it a certain way ).  you can wget the rpms you need from
ftp.scyld.com, but you can't get a .iso of the distribution.

I would love to see a debianized version of the scyld tools.  As is
often the case, work and other real world stuff gets in the way, but
you can see a ridiculously rough outline at


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