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Re: Bug#97336: ITP: dsh -- dancer's shell, or a distributed shell.

On Tuesday 22 May 2001 02:50, Junichi Uekawa wrote:
> I know several systems having different kinds of approach to the
> same problem. Scyld is not the only beowulf system, and I doubt
> if, other systems are using it.
> If scyld is already using that location "/etc/beowulf",
> I wonder if using beowulf would be the right term for us.
> /etc/debian-cluster/machine.list
> /etc/debian-cluster/config
> might be a better place to locate stuff into.

well this list is called debian-beowulf and I don't think
scyld can own the name :) we could change the location
of scyld tools to something like:
beowulf sounds too generic for a single vendor's tools.

> The key problem is that as far as I know, there is no
> such centralized system available in Debian.
> At least, none of my packages have it.

Yes, that's the problem.

There are three facets of the problem:

 * generic cluster configuration
 * HPC specific issues
 * HA specific issues

I think we ought to deal with all, but let's not support
HA clusters in any way for now. Let's just concentrate
on beowulf and see what we can do about it. That is, let's
support supercomputing apps *only*.


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