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Re: Bug#97336: ITP: dsh -- dancer's shell, or a distributed shell.

Rob Latham <rob@terizla.org> cum veritate scripsit:

> Junichi Uekawa (dancer@netfort.gr.jp) said:
> > Do you mean, some architecture where a standard system-wide
> > configuration file exists so that mpich and dsh can rip off the list
> > of machines from one location?
> > 
> > That would be good, and Debianlike.
> you mean like /etc/beowulf/config ?  scyld puts it's cluster
> information there, and several tools access it.  data is keyword
> delimited, so "beoboot" doesn't pay much attention to the lines that
> "bproc" wants to touch, but "beoetup" can muck with both.

I know several systems having different kinds of approach to the
same problem. Scyld is not the only beowulf system, and I doubt 
if, other systems are using it.

If scyld is already using that location "/etc/beowulf", 
I wonder if using beowulf would be the right term for us.


might be a better place to locate stuff into.

The key problem is that as far as I know, there is no
such centralized system available in Debian.
At least, none of my packages have it.


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