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Re: Demo

On Sun, Apr 29, 2001 at 09:51:01PM +0530, Viral wrote:
> With PVM, povray would be a very good demo.

   /usr/doc/povray/isodemo/i_3d_o2.pov is a fairly expensive and
interesting looking demo (uses isosurfaces, and is unlike the common
geometric-shape povray demos).  To run, make sure the test1.dat file is
uncompressed in your home directory on each node and that povray and
povray-doc are installed:

        apt-get install povray povray-misc povray-doc
	cp /usr/doc/povray/isodemo/test1.dat.gz ~
	gunzip test1.dat.gz

        [ test1.dat is only needed for this specific demo, and must be
accessible from each node, so you may need to uncompress it several places
if there is no convenient shared network filesystem ]

   Set up the PVM virtual machine:

add host2
add host3

   Fire off povray with +N.  For optimum performance on a mix of UMP and SMP
systems specify pvm_hosts= with duplicates for the SMP machines.  Otherwise
just say +NT2 to launch two processes on each node (or +NT64 if running on a
big SMP ..).

povray +d +L/usr/doc/povray/isodemo +i /usr/doc/povray/isodemo/i_3d_o2.pov \
	+w1024 +h768 +a0.3 \
	+N pvm_hosts=host_dual,host_dual,host2,host3,...

   ( if running ssh but not rsh, relink /etc/alternatives/pvm-rsh to ssh. 
     Note that all parallel libraries have no cryptographically secure
     channel and can luach arbitrary programs, so ssh is only convenient on
     a cluster, not any safer )

    pvmpov demos are even more interesting if you throw in one or two really
slow machines, so you can see them struggling with single tiles while the
faster machines rip through the rest of the scene.

   The Debian povray has both the PVMPOV and ISOPOV patches already applied,
the main reason I've never bothered to "upgrade" to povray 3.1 and lose

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