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Re: Any Beowulfs for Macs (esp. Nubus Macs)?

Adam C Powell IV wrote:

> PPC is the same as any other architecture.

Oops, not so fast.  I'm sorry, I missed the "Nubus" in your subject.  That's quite a bit harder.

There was no Nubus support through kernel 2.2 (and therefore in Debian), though check the
debian-powerpc archives in recent days for activity on this.  (And you might want to subscribe
to debian-powerpc, a number of things are non-trivial and that's the place to ask for help.)
For detailed instructions on installing Debian, try:


Also, depending on what you want to do, Mosix may be interesting, though AFAIK it's still
i386-only. :-<


-Adam P.

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