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>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Sailer <sailer@bnl.gov> writes:

    Tim> AFS had  used only krb4, but  there were ports  to krb5 (from
    Tim> nrl.gov), and now with openAFS, they are 'mainstream'.

Got a (real/live) URL for these two? Sure, I could go look, but I'm
lazy :)

    Tim> I'd take a serious look  at AFS if you want clustering and/or
    Tim> WAN filesystems.

I was 'forced' to use NFS on external machines, mostly because that was
the easiest way to solve the problem. With a lot of IP-chains rules, I felt
'reasonable safe' but I still got a number of attacks (non successful luckily).

I would feel much safer if I could get a Network FS that is DESIGNED for
this use (which you say AFS is).

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