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Re: PETSc mpich and lam "benchmarks"

Camm Maguire wrote:

> Greetings!  We have a 16-node PIII 850 that could be used for a test
> if desireable.  Don't know where the petsci package is a this point.

Cool.  Here's what I did:

To test mpich:
[as root] apt-get install petsc2.0.29-examples
[as user] cp -a /usr/share/doc/petsc2.0.29-examples/examples .
cd examples/snes/examples/tutorials/ (I think, or something like that)
make ex9
time mpirun.mpich -np <whatever> ex9 -nox -mx 100 -my 100 -snes_monitor

To test lam (after doing lamboot etc.):
[as user] apt-get source petsc
cd petsc-2.0.29
fakeroot debian/rules PETSC_MPI=lam binary
[as root] cd .. && dpkg -i *.deb
update-alternatives --config petsc [switch to the lam symlink]
[as user] remove the ex9 binary and repeat the make and time commands as above,
but use mpirun.lam instead of mpirun.mpich (no, that's not a typo, mpirun.lam not

I'll have a bigger cluster in a couple of months...

-Adam P.

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