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Re: What can we learn from Scyld?

Camm Maguire (camm@enhanced.com) said:

> Greetings!  Subject says it all.  Can we learn/implement any
> techniques from Scyld for Debian Beowulf clusters?

debianizing scyld shouldn't be that tough.  they provide a custom
kernel, glibc, mpich, and some system utilities ( i think 10 rpms

what can we learn?  
. turning other nodes in a cluster into pure
	compute nodes is a *lot* easier to administer and set up than
	the current setup of N full installs.  scyld brings a paradigm
	similar to a cray T3E to beowulfery.  

. a single interface to the cluster makes much more sense than having
	to "rsh node3 ps auxwww".  

. having a minimum amount of installed libraries on the slave nodes
	makes upgrading a piece of cake.


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