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Re: [OT]? Debian High Availability Cluster

"Eray Ozkural (exa)" wrote:
> Not very off topic, but not quite about Beowulf. If there are enough
> interested Debian users, why not a debian-ha mailing list?
> OTOH, there are of course a lot of common points between HPC and HA
> applications.
> Such as: how are you going to install a cluster from scratch? I use
> FAI to that end, which would be useful for either HPC or HA applications.
> Picking up these common points and seeing that good software is
> available in Debian for doing them would be a goal for Beowulf ppl here.

I've just been lurking on the list for a few weeks, watching for good
ideas for when I get the time/equipment to make a small cluster of my
own.  But I would like to suggest that maybe rather than having a
debian-beowulf list _and_ a debian-ha list, perhaps one list
'debian-cluster' devoted to all clustering topics would address the
needs of a slightly bigger section of the userbase, especially since as
you say, a lot of the fundamentals are similar, like how to
install/admin multiple nodes, etc.

Just an idea, 


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