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Re: [OT]? Debian High Availability Cluster

Josep Llaurad? Selvas (darlock@tinet.org) said:
> I wanna know any experience using any H.A. cluster under debian... I have
> readed a few information about MOSIX, PVFS and others, and I wanna get
> some real experience about this or any other software.

If anything, MOSIX is anti H.A. in the sense that instead of 1 point of
failure for a process you now have 2 for a migrated process: the portion
that stays local to the home node and the part that migrates (these two
parts have names from the MOSIX docs that escape me right now ... deputy
and something else? remote?).

pvfs is also not really H.A. either as I don't believe it will support the
loss of one of the nodes (but I could be wrong).

Check out linux-ha.org for more info on Linux H.A. and the Debian packages
lvs and heartbeat (and possibly others... I think I saw an ITP on


Adam Lazur, Cluster Monkey
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